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Let go of unhealthy thoughts, behaviors & toxic relationships





Many of us are overstressed, overwhelmed and feeling out of control. Working with a counselor helps remove obstacles so you can move towards the life you want.

  • From anger to joy
  • From existing to thriving
  • From anxiety to peace
  • From arguing to nurturing

My integrative practice provides help, hope, and healing so you can break free from the unhealthy patterns that are keeping you from living the life you deserve. I’m proud to be among a small group of practices in the area that combines traditional and alternative approaches to improve mental health and well being. 

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Many of us struggle with self-doubt, criticism, and fear. Learning to think differently actually changes the way we interact with life and affects our behavior and our feeling.

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The ability to love well starts with our relationship with ourselves. Counseling can help us be more honest, authentic and compassionate with ourselves and those we love. 

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Sometimes our behavior does not serve us well and can keep us feeling enslaved. As we learn to change our thoughts, we can tackle unhealthy habits that are producing harmful results.

“I was also able to learn the tools I needed to identify and change unhealthy thoughts that lead to negative behaviors, and to identify “red flags” to thwart off domestic violence situations. I am proud of myself for taking the step to start counseling and for the progress I have made. Kendra is an exceptional counselor who truly cares about the mental health and needs of her clients which makes her so easy to talk with.”

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