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Serenity Therapeutic Counseling Services provides help, hope, and healing so you can break free from the unhealthy patterns that are keeping you from living the life you deserve. We are proud to be one of the only therapy practices in the area to combine traditional and alternative approaches to improve mental health and well being.


Serenity Therapists

Kendra A. Artis

M.A., Resident in Counseling & CSAC Supervisee


“I strive to create an environment that allows for personal growth and exploration.

Kendra's Bio

My name is Kendra Artis and I am a Resident in Counseling from Chesapeake, Virginia. I have over 18 years of experience working with specialized populations to include adults with mental health issues, adults with intellectual disabilities, and children with behavioral and mental health issues. I earned a Master of Arts in Urban Education and Community Counseling from Norfolk State University in 2012.

I am passionate about helping individuals with navigating the difficulties of mental health, communication and adjustment demands. I can assist individuals in increasing skills that may lead to an overall improvement in level of functioning. I specialize in working with individuals or groups in building self-esteem, developing effective coping skills, stress and anger management, interpersonal skills, problem solving, family discord and effective communication skills. I strive to create an environment that allows for personal growth and exploration.

Some of my favorite theoretical approaches to counseling include Existential Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Reality Therapy, Motivational Therapy, and Solution Focused Therapy. I like to use an eclectic approach

Tracie Romero M.A

Tonya Goff

Resident in Counseling, M.A


It is my desire that during our time working together that you will be restored, renewed, and revived.

Tonya's Bio

Hello, I am Tonya Goff, a Resident in Counseling. I am a military veteran who served 20 years in the US Navy and obtained my graduate degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling  from Liberty University. 

When dealing with the burdens of life, whether it be marital or family discord, addiction, or emotional issues, we are often unsure about what our next step should be.  My goal is to provide you with tools for your toolbox to better assist you in making those difficult decisions as you continue your journey and walk into your destiny.

My passion is working with youth, young adults, couples, self-esteem issues, and substance use disorders. I typically use an integrated approach that includes Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Person Centered Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and Solution Focused Therapy. 

It is my desire that during our time working together that you will be restored, renewed, and revived. I understand this may not be an easy process to go through, and I thank you for even considering me to walk alongside you. I won’t lie, you may experience an array of emotions, and even some challenges as well as delays along the way. However, if you trust the process, I believe that you will be well equipped to handle those tough situations that come your way.

I look forward to working with you. 

Serenity Therapists

Wanda Uzzle

Resident in Counseling


If you can imagine it, you can definitely have it!

Wanda's Bio

Do you feel stuck or overwhelmed? Are you ready to live with joy and peace again?

If you can Imagine it, you can definitely have it! 

I served 20 years in the U.S. Navy and I obtained my graduate degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from South University.

Throughout life, personal experiences become our personal stories. We all have a story to tell and no matter what challenges you endured in life, you are not defined by your past or past circumstances.

I enjoy partnering with individuals seeking help with addressing issues such as mood disorders, personality disorders, stress management, life challenges, anxiety, depression, anger management, grief, effective communication, and military related issues.

I have a passion to cultivate and empower you to become and be your very best no matter where you are in life. I seek to establish an authentic rapport and caring relationship with you in order to assist in building on your strengths and better collaborate with you towards meeting your goals and living the meaningful life your desire.

I utilize an integrated approach that includes Strength Base Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Person Centered Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing. I use an eclectic approach to support Resiliency.

With much humility, I look forward to working alongside you to become the very best you!

Self-Care Team

Rosa Avant Licensed Resident in Counseling, MA

Maureen Scales

Master Esthetician


“Whether you’re looking for relaxation, rejuvenation, or to practice better self-care, you’re in the right place.”

Maureen's Bio


Hi, I’m Maureen and I’m a mom, wife, business owner, Esthetician, Cosmetologist, certified health coach, avid runner and workout enthusiast. I specialize in transformational beauty.

My passion for beauty and wellness goes back as far as I can remember. Growing up on the beautiful island of Antigua (known for its 365 beaches), we used the natural resources that were available to wash our hair, cleanse our skin, make tonics for aches and pains, and used teas to help with an upset stomach or digestive issues.

I started Anjella Paulette Esthetics to share my passion for beauty and wellness with you. My goal is to deliver an amazing spa experience by blending inner and outer therapies to help you look better and feel amazing. Whether you’re looking for overall relaxation, rejuvenation, or to practice better self-care, you’re in the right place. Your treatment is customized to nourish, hydrate and give your skin a nice healthy glow.

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I can’t wait to meet you,


This beneficial facial package will help you de-stress and unwind. Aromatherapy is used throughout to help your mind and body relax. This treatment begins with a deep cleansing followed by a gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and brighten your complexion. Warm towels are used to soothe your skin and further induce relaxation. Then a therapeutic facial massage is performed using nourishing lightweight products to penetrate your skin followed by a hydrating facial mask and a stimulating acupressure hand, or scalp massage. A customized moisturizer and sunscreen completes this treatment and protects your beautiful new skin.

60 min /$110